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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 11, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PST

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>> the mount diablo school district should make decisions on kwuts and closures. how will the proposed budget affect things? we will talk about it in a live report. >> the budget ax falls on programs and payrolls across the state. we will look at who is feeling the most pain. fire and ice. mother nature dumps a load of snow on the south. they are not handling it well. a live look outside this morning. no snow here, but there will be rain. christina will show us when and
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where. this is tuesday, january 11th, today in the east bay. it's 4:30 and let's check your forecast with christina loren. >> good morning to you, scott. i bet you noticed when you walked out the door that it is not as cold. we are about 10 to 12 degrees warmer this morning than at this time yesterday. a mild start. we will see showers throughout the day. they are pushing onshore in the north bay right now. if you are headed from the east bay to the north bay, give yourself extra time and watch for showers moving into santa rosa and fairfield. right now the east bay is nice and dry. intermittent showers and here's the temperatures that are feeling better. you are at 41 in concord and 45 in hayward. a much more mild start than
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yesterday morning. you want the heavy jacket and umbrella. no fog this morning. clear conditions. good news on the way to work >> we may see a speedier commute. >> right now things will be smoother than yesterday. clearer skies and a little less cold. not as chilly for the folks working here. there is a closure northbound 880. they had the closure on the freeway and north territory east bay and south bay. we will have to head off and you get back on to 92 and over to 880. this is a well-known alternate, but hasn't been in place for about a month. they pick up the construction and accessing 92 westbound. you will have to access over the next half hour. that should be clearing up from the east bay to the peninsula. a clear commute.
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you should see no problems as far as the tail lights. wind is not a factor so far on the bridge this morning. >> it's all about money or lack of it. a number of contra costa schools could be shut down due to bumming et cuts. a school board meeting to discuss that issue. live in concord with the details, good morning, christie. >> the mount diablo board district should be meeting and we should get a better picture. they actually prepared three differently budgets leading to the release of jerry brown's proposed budget yesterday. the district talked about closing schools and other drastic measures to save money. one key to the financial future is reinstating mental health funding that. is critical. that vetoed by former governor schwarzenegger and put upon the
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local school district to figure out how to pay for it themselves. they have to do it. it is mandatory. they predicted a bleak outlook based on the governor's plan. bottom line is that spending at the state level tomorrows what they can do locally. governor brown said at a news conference k-12 has taken the brunt of education cuts he would like to keep them at the current spending levels. the district is looking at ways to cut costs and boost revenues because even at the current levels, they are mill yens in the hole. that's the latest from here reporting live in concord, today in the east bay. >> thank you. as you can imagine, districts across the bay area are trying to plan to do more with less to be part of an education summit hosted by george miller out of martinez. the business education leadership summit in concord at
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7:15 this morning. there is moany for as many as 100,000 people. they will start taking applications for section 8 vouchers at the end of the month. you can sign up for help in the city starting january 25th. you have to meet certain income requirements to be eligible for the help. governor brown is swinging the budget ax. no one will be untouched. he slashes 12.5 billion in spending and ohm k-12 education is spared. he wants to cut medi-cal by $2 billion. welfare to work programs and the university of california and cal state system could face cuts of $500 million each. the taxes were set to expire in june. nonunion workers will make
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sacrifices with pay cuts up to 10%. the new budget requires help from republicans, he believes some of them will go along with the plan which is painful by necessity. if republicans do not agree, they will have to counter with their own plan. the next step for lawmakers is to consider the plan and nay will need support for the initiative. we will have to vote on whether to extend our own taxes. if lawmakers do not support the budget, they have to counter with one of their own. this is down to the wire on this now. the deadly start in the year continues in oakland a 29-year-old man died monday, the sixth murder victim of the new year. he was shot in the 9800 block of pippin street. friends drove him to the hospital and he later died. they are offering up $10,000 for
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information leading to the arrest of anyone. call with tips new concerns about gas pipeline safety and whether the test that is examining the lines could put you in danger. pg&e runs pressure tests including the night san bruno burst into flames they are waiting to finish its investigation, the pipeline pressure tests are on hold. some wonder if the damage is already done. >> it's almost like playing russian roulette. i'm dopely concerned that was going on. >> jackie spears said a routine practice pra may put customers at risk. they turn up the pressure every five years. to run the systems at the maximum legal level n. san bruno, pg&e thought they were turning up the pressure on a seamless pipe, but it was a weaker-seemed pipe.
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>> when you have a seemed pipe you thought was seamless and you ran the pressure up to the mac mum allowable on a seamless pipe, you are really dancing in a dangerous environment. >> pg&e said while the blast is under investigation, the tests are on hold. >> a margin of saved. we don't know what happened in san bruno. we want to take every precaution until the results of the investigation come about. >> the maximum pressure allowed is 400 pounds 3r square inch. the last time it was at that level was 2008. the utility said it's safe they must condition duct to raise the pressure if customer use demands it. >> you want the ability to increase to that level in case we had a cold winter day. >> gas pipelines have pressure
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reduced by 20%. a reduction congresswoman spears said she will remain in place until the cause of the explosion is determined. >> solano community college is hoping to expand to benicia. 15% of the student body is in that city. they hope to meet the demands and they will be discussing in greater detail later this week. the earliest classes could start would be in september. a police dog kept a man suspected of robbing a bank with a bomb threatful the 37-year-old suspect walked into the bank and threatened to blow up the building. the teller handed over the cash and the man took off. one of the dogs followed the scent to a nearby apartment complex. the suspect later identified as the robber through surveillance video and witnesses. police found the missing cash
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and other evidence inside that apartment. pleasanton police said a man tried to break into a home on cheryl circle and didn't know the homeowner was in the house. it happened at 10:30 skpaim the burglar tried to get into a window and confronted by the homeowner. words were exchanged. the burglar jumped to the street and took off. >> as i got into the car this morning rngs i used a single light. yesterday was a double light day. >> still chilly, but not as bad as yesterday. over here we will have red lights. they clear out the construction, forcing you off to hesperia and northbound 880 again. that construction should be cleared over 10 minutes and you have a lane or two causing slowing through oakland here.
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the nimitz freeway looks smooth despite the closure. in hayward, 580 and highway 13 with the maze approaching the plaza. the carquinas and benicia bridges, we have issues with fog and a clear drive from the north bay into the east bay and a smoothfully to highway 4 and coming down as well. off the bridge again yesterday, we had a closure because of ice and fog on the bridge itself. this morning it's clear and the drive through antioch is smooth, but just like yesterday, we will see a lot of traffic and slowing in about an hour from now. speeds less than half of what they show up on the market. >> let's join christina. yes, it is warmer. so much better than yesterday. >> we will wait until the showers show up. you have to take your ipad inside. things are looking okay right now. not a lot of shower activity in the immediate vicinity. the north bay is seeing action
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and you are waking up in the east bay in oakland getting ready to hit the north bay. take it easy and it looks like that will be the case. on and off showers. temperatures this morning are in the 40s. it feels a lot better out there and looks like the moisture will pass through over the course of the afternoon into this evening. that's the good news. the morning commute shouldn't be impacted that much, but showers intensify throughout the day. the morning forecast is coming up. back to you. >> coming up, can you hear me now. the long-awaited marriage to verizon and apple expected to be announced in just hours. the parents of the suspected arizona shooter could make a statement later today and the congresswoman shot in the head shows signs of progress. your high schooler could be learning more than reading, writing and arithmetic. why life-saving skills could be
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added to the sill bus 3q
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40 as a low. that is good news. in the south, mother nature turnless roads into ice rinks. drivers in the south are not used to this. what happened here? he stepped on the gas and drove until his tires burned and spun so his car caught fire. firefighters arrived to put out the flame. this is not the way to get out of snow or ice. the driver fortunately not injured. the same system sokd arkansas. a major highway across little rock, this is arkansas turned into a parking lot. traffic not able to move for miles. meanwhile, where it does normally snow, it has been a month since the roof of the metrodome gave way. repairs have been going on, but it will be sometime before the assembling ready.
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>> we are waiting right now. >> it seems strange. one of the loudest venues in professional sports. >> there is water that kim down. >> dead silence in the dead of winter. >> by the end of the month, we are hopeful to have the results of the study of the entire roof and at that time we assume there will be recommendations as to what needs to take place. >> there 110 panels to test. they are kicking the tires. all major effects through the end of march are canceled. >> we lost a lot of events. >> that are includes 300 some high school and college games. they are in the process of hunting for places to play. >> with the metrodome collapsing, the schedule is still being juggled around and we're trying to find games in kansas and missouri. >> the interior portion is off limits. there is progress on the outside. this is the concourse. it is heated. >> that means the 20th season of
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the roller dome could return in the next couple of weeks. it has been a month since the snow came in. 17 inches collapsed four panels. today crews brought down another one. there now a dozen down. the roof maker and the cable engineers continue their assessment. >> we don't have an alternative. we have to be careful and not rush it. we are going to make certain it is safe. >> the noise will return at some point, likely before the vikings crowds come back. >> we will have it ready by august, but an tas pateing it can be done earlier. >> that's the report out of minneapolis. no snow here. >> we are looking okay. we have light scattered shower activity if you are headed to the north bay. keep an eye out for that. looking clear and mild this morning. much, much warmer than at this time yesterday.
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some temperatures plummeted into the 20s yesterday. 25 degrees in santa rosa. this morning it's about 10 to 15 degrees warmer across the board. we have a little bit of shower activity pushing into the north bay as i pointed out. looks like that will continue throughout the morning hours. count on light shower activity and hit or miss showers through this afternoon. intensifying towards this evening. right now a nice mild start in comparison to yesterday. 41 in concord and 40 in livermore and ending up in the upper 50s for spots. talking about 54 degrees in the trivalley and 53 in oakland and as we head to wednesday, slitly warmer and 60 degrees take a look at your sunday. 62. bring the ipad back outside. >> you can't see it in the sun. >> a good kindle commercial. we will take you out there. folks are outside right now doing hard work over here on
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880. the nimitz freeway. the earlier slowing i showed you cleared up. the full freeway closure is cleared. that 92 interchange should be opening in seconds, making it easy for to you get over to the san mateo bridge. if you are there, riting the road you may have to reroute over to get on the westbound 92 for the next couple of minutes. looking light as far as the flow of traffic. it's just before 5:00. an easy flow out of the pass. president bush is 13 minutes eastbound. you see the yellow coming in. no disturbances as far as incidents. we will make sure and hope it clears up. i have the computers to do that. the travel times with a nice easy drive off freeway and an 18-minute drive and no fog advisories for the brimming this is morning. grit news from yesterday. a live look out there. let me show you the view coming
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over from san francisco. we are seeing all the way over to the east bayside. you can seat toll plaza and the lights are moving a light volume of traffic and a clear view proosz the bridge. >> that's a beautiful picture. a couple that flirted for years are getting matter. apple and verizon expected to announce a union. the iphone will be available on the nation's largest cell phone carrier. for more on that, let's go to courtney reagan live at world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning to you. futures are higher ahead of the opening bell and it could be due to alcoa. we heard that after the bell. the alum numb maker is helped out. the stocks were mixed ahead of results and ongoing worries about the debt crisis not going
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away. mostly higher overnight and europe is higher. a couple hours left to trade and lenar said fourth quarter profit dropped 10% and earnings were above the estimates. the dow fell and the nasdaq edge up four points to 2707. it may be one of the worst kept secrets. verizon wireless is holding a press event where executives announced they will sell the apple iphone. it has only been available on at at&t. ahead of the announcement this morning, at&t stocks were relatively flat. we are in pretrade hours, but all indications are that the stock will start trading relatively flat, where it was yesterday. rerise on shares are moving higher by about a dollar or so. we want to watch that. >> a lot of that baked in.
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we may hear from the parents of jared loughner suspected of opening fire at a town hall meeting in tucson saturday. he was denied bail. instead of voting on bills, leaders will pay respects to the shooting victims. tribute will be paid to gi e gabrielle gifford who is was shot in the head and survived. people dead and dozens hurt. the shoot suggest changing the tone on capitol hill and reopened the debate on the need for nationwide gun control. today in the east bay's tracie potts has more from washington. >> he had only had a clip that held 10 rounds. a lot less people would have been hurt and injured. >> he used a 30-round clip banned for 10 year, now legal. no one needs that much firepower. >>ure are not hunting deer or
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protecting your home. you are hunting people. this is not reasonable. >> would this prevent tragedies? >> it is extremely unlikely that gun control laws would have prevented a young man who was obviously as troubled as this one. >> it's a brewing debate as they head back for a short session. many of them still out in public despite the risk. >> she very much would want us to do the people's business. >> we will get a safety briefing as president obama heads to tucson to connect with the victims and heroes there. >> part of what i think that speaks to is the best of america. even in the face of such mindless violence. >> violence reverberating to the steps of the nation's capital. tracie potts.
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we want to take a look at what's coming up later today in the bay. we say good morning to brent cannon in the newsroom. >> thanks a lot. we talked about the drastic budget cuts facing the state. marla tellez will take a closer look at the impact they will have and why you may pay more in taxes. we will take a look at the latest in the hunt for a top cop in the bay area's biggest city. those stories and more in a few more minutes on today in the bay. >> the steady decline in a borings have stalled from an institute in new york. the abortion rate and the total numbers of abortion diagnosis not change this. comes after a 25% drop since 1990. experts say the use of pharmaceutical abortions has jumped enormously. >> children whose parents smoke have an increased risk of high
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blood pressure. they measured the blood pressure of 4,000 kindergarten boys and girls and found children with smoking parents were 20% more likely to have high blood pressure. the top number in the readings. the risk was higher if the child's mother was a smoker and taking toddlers to exercise in a mini gym designed for them is popular and beneficial for teaching growth motor skills, but doctors caution about too much of a good thing. chris schauble reports >> climbing a ladder at barely more than a-year-old. personally knocking down a bowling pin. welcome to my gym, a program designed to teach kids gross motor skills, how to use the large muscles of the body at an early age, giving them a visit advantage throughout life. parents see the difference much. >> for him, he was walking
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earlier and i think he's a super physical guy. all he wants to do is run and go and do. this is a great place for him to explore and learn really good skills >> she developing gross motor skills. when she started this class, she was the only 1 that wasn't walking at 13 months. within a week she was walking. i think that was a lot due to what they do and build and seeing the other kids. >> while it is aimed at kids 14 to 22 months, they have programs for kids up to 13. some are targeted at make them better at sports and the parents swear it works. >> how popular has physical trains of any kind become for parents of young kids? get this. my gym reports over 10 years they have seen a 100% increase in the number of students. dr. jennifer weiss is the director of the sports medicine program and likes the idea of getting kids active early and
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cautions about heightened expectations. >> we have to be careful of their bodies. over use is an issue in very young kids. allowing families and children to learn about how much is too much is very important. >> matt handles marketing and entertainment for my gym. he loves to see them go on to sports stardom because they benefitted from early training >> it's noncompetitive and supportive and the children are generally if not always show growth and benefits in a number of ways. >> a number of ways that more and more frequently starts at a surprisingly early age. >> one of the beauties of parenting in america is you can do anything you want. i think paying money to let your kid play is kind of weird. there you go. >> i wouldn't know a thing about parenting and i'm not looking
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into it. >> either do i. >> we will leave it for laura and brent. things are looking good. we have a lot happening across the state and not a lot in the immediate vicinity. making their way into the north bay. if you are waking up and headed towards santa rosa. watch out for hit or miss showers and the situation will intensify throughout the day. we are not expecting anything heavy. mad rate at best for a little while. overall it will be a slight shower day. 40 degrees in santa rosa. yesterday you hit 25. i'm sure it's feeling much warmer for you this morning. livermore you are at 40. concord with 41. as we have a system push onshore here, this is going it bring rain showers throughout the day and we are back after the break.


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